Protect Your Assets and Save Lives

Robbery occurs every 60 seconds while Violent Crimes occur every 35 seconds.  Envision Security Partners is committed to ensuring you have the knowledge, training, and power to be able to combat these alarming statistics.

At Envision Security Partners, we are continually helping  Banking/Finance, Retail, Convenient Store and Hotel Management professionals protect and empower their staff to the safest power! 


circlegraphicEnvision Security Partners is committed to protecting people and saving lives through innovative and realistic training experiences.

Envision's Interactive Empowerment Exercises provide a dynamic approach to training employees not only in robbery policies and procedures, but also how to deal with high stress, volatile situations.

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circlegraphicRobbery Prevention Seminars are designed to educate employers, supervisors, and support staff in how to understand every facet of violent crime. The seminar will provide in depth information regarding the violent rime of robbery, techniques on robbery prevention, appropriate responses during and after a robbery, and the importance of effective policies and procedures.

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Envision Security Partners employs only professional, certified law enforcement and military personnel to provide the highest level of professionalism and protection to its customers. Read More>>
Envision Security Partners provides self-defense certification in Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT). Read More>>
Envision Security Partners is staffed with highly trained, experienced, and professional personnel from a diverse background of expertise. Read More>>
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